• Kate Lyon

Make Life Easier...

Gate automation; some people see this as a bit of luxury which in a way, it is. However, consider all the other benefits...

Security: No one can enter unless you let them in. This can be also be done remotely. With a quality letter box fitted, not even the postman needs to enter your premises (although you can give him the entry code if you wish)

Safety: Keep children safe and sound in the garden and don't worry about them escaping or unexpected vehicles driving in! All gates come with safety features so no trapped fingers and toes if they make a break for it while the gates are closing!

Luxury: picture the scene, it's raining, you've got a baby in the back, and you want to leave the car as little as possible. Use your mobile phone to open the gates then phone a family member to help you in with shopping!

Automation can be added to your existing gates.

We work with gate experts Striking Iron to design, manufacture and install gates of your dreams

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